About AXION Trainer




The Ax® is different than a weight because it is filled with a grit that YOU move from lid to lid. By rhythmically reversing the motion of the grit on the inside of The Ax® with each stroke, you train your core like never before. This is called REACTION IMPACT. REACTION IMPACT is THE most effective way to train your core, the natural corset of your body including your back chest and shoulders plus all abdominal and hip muscles!



What are The Ax-Core Workouts?


Ax-Core Workouts are dynamic, high-intensity exercise routines done to supercharged energizing music using both sizes of Axion Trainers®. Although the Ax-Core workouts strengthen and tone the entire body their main focus is on the abdominal and core muscles, the center of strength in the human body. Be prepared to burn calories and sweat! 



Safety and Effectiveness


The Ax® and Ax-Core Workouts are safe for all fitness levels because with REACTION IMPACT, YOU determine the intensity of your own training session. The Ax® was invented by physical therapists to treat professional athletic injuries, especially to the shoulder rotator cuff. The Ax@ is still used in the physical therapy today. Many sport specific movements are incorporated into the Ax-Core Workouts such as golfing, rowing and boxing.


A 50-minute Axion-Trainer workout burns upwards of 500 calories and tones not only the core area but actually works out the entire body. The Axion-Trainer is not only safe and effective but it is also a lot of fun to use. You won’t want to put it down!



Benefits from swinging The Ax®


  • strengthens entire core area

  • increases flexibility

  • improves coordination

  • improves balance

  • improves cardiovascular condition

  • burns calories

  • builds muscles



Walking, Jogging and Running with The Ax® Double Set


Using of The Ax® double set intensifies the physical benefits of normal walking, jogging and running. These activities become a total body workout while improving running style, tempo and endurance. Improve your upper body and core strength by taking The Ax@ with you on your next trek and burn 30% more calories then you would without them.



Scientifically Proven Effective 


In a paper published in Switzerland in 2009 by 

Prof. Ph.D. M.D. Hon. Dr. Juergen Weineck researchers at The Institute of Medical Physics, Dr. Kemmler and Dr. von Stengel. Stated  “Having tried the equipment first-hand, I can summarise that the {Axion}Trainer represents a device that can be of value in the support of endurance and strength training, as well as in the training activities of discrete user groups.”






Alexa Van Leer, the creator of the Ax-Core Workouts. has run multiple half marathons and is an ISSA certified personal trainer, AFAA/NASM  certified Group fitness instructor and has certifications to work with seniors, the obese population, and Parkinson’s patients. Presently Alexa has implemented classes using The Ax® for these specific groups at many gyms in South Florida including Memorial Hospital Fitness Center in Hollywood and Miramar. Besides being a fitness instructor, Alexa van Leer is a certified peer counsellor and health coach. She dedicates much of her time to working with young people who want to recover from eating disorders. She can be reached at info@in2axion.com.