AxCore is the hot new high energy workout class thats taking the country by storm! This dynamic mixture of core, cardio and strength training makes use of The Ax® with REACTION IMPACT. By moving the grit inside The Ax® your muscles, especially your abs, get ripped like never before!

Get into ACTION with The Ax® and the Axion-Trainers®
The Ax and Axion-Trainers are special tubes filled with a grit. Inside there is a loose grit that you repeatedly move from one side to the other benefitting your muscles with REACTION IMPACT. 

The force you use to constantly change the direction of the moving grit inside The Ax® is called REACTION IMPACT. It works your muscle fibers and connective tissues in a whole new way! 

The Workout
The AxCore workout is 50 minutes of high energy dynamics movements  Do the HAMMER, LUMBERJACK and other AxCore specific functional training moves to the hottest beats on the planet! EveryBODY can doAxCore.

Why You Need This
Stay on the cutting edge of the industry by offering Ax-Core to your members

The Ax was invented for physical rehab by a therapist and is scientifically proven safe and effective! It is suitable for everyBODY from professional athlete to Parkinson’s people and everyone in between. It improves coordination, balance, stamina, strength, flattens stomach,



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      • 15x The Ax@
      • 15x The Axion-Trainer double set
      • 4 AxCore workouts including choreography videos and book PLUS music
      • 8 AxCore HIIT workouts including choreography books
      • 1 AxCore Xtra workouts including choreography video and book PLUS music
      • 4 sample AxCore Kickboxing class videos
      • Instructor Training Book and online Instructor Training CEU’s credit available through AFAA/NASAM