Regular use of the Large Axion-Trainer not only makes your waist line look amazing but it also improves core strength, flexibility, coordination, explosive strength and stamina!The Large Axion-Trainer is an aluminium tube with plastic covers that is 30 centimetres long and 7 centimetres in diameter. Its weight, including the movable grit on the inside, is 2 kilos. 

The Ultimate AXION Trainer (Set)

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  • The double set will help you burn 30% more calories while walking, running or performing any aerobic based exercise! They are also suitable for aiding in the rehabilitation of tendon, muscle and capsular injuries and in the regeneration of connective tissue.
    The Axion-Trainer double set includes 2 Axion-Trainers that are 27 centimetres long, 5 centimetres in diameter and weigh 1 kilo each. The set includes 2 nylon hand grips and are wrapped with polyurethane anti-slip grips.