Something New After being popular for more then 10 years in Europe, a new and highly effective core training work out Ax-Core® has reached the United States and it will be celebrating its first year anniversary on June 10, 2017. Ax-CORE® is a group fitness lesson in which participants make use of a new exercise tool called The Axion-Trainer® which works on the principle of REACTION IMPACT. What is an Axion-Trainer® and REACTION IMPACT? An Axion-Trainer® is a metal tube with plastic lids on each end. The inside is partially filled with a special gritty substance. In total it weighs about 4 pounds. During an exercise session participants perform many different movements to music in which they throw the grit inside the Axion-Trainer® from lid to lid. The kinetic motion of the moving grit is what causes the REACTION IMPACT. giving the muscles and the connective tissue an extra training stimulus. The harder one throws the grit in one direction, the harder one must throw it back in the other direction. Tis is what is called REACTION IMPACT! Participants determine their own training intensity during an Ax-CORE® workout. The Ax-CORE® workout consists of many movements which train those hard to get muscles around the abdominal region and core. Safety and Effectiveness Ax-CORE® is safe to do. The Axion-Trainer® was invented by a European physical therapist to treat injured baseball player’s pitching arms.They are still being used by physical therapists today. Many sport specific movements are incorporated into Ax-CORE®® workouts such as golfing, rowing and boxing. A one hour Ax-CORE® lesson burns upwards of 500 calories and tones not only the core area but actually works out whole body. It is actually a combination of cardio,-, strength and resistance training rolled into one. Ax-CORE® ® is not only safe and effective but it is also a lot of fun to do. The music tracks used in Core-Axion® are hits from the worlds leading club DJs. But there is more The company In2Axion® who is the designer of the Ax-CORE® work out and distributer of the Axion-trainer® also provides a second REACTION IMPACT lesson called Cross-Axion®. Cross-Axion® is a work out in which 2 smaller Axion-trainer® are used (one in each hand) in combination with a step. This cross training work outs the whole body at once, lower body, upper body and core area while increasing the cardio vascular strength and burning 700+ calories! The Axion-Trainer® is a great tool for toning the arms and upper body without creating bulky muscles. The smaller Axion-Trainer® set can also be used in combination with walking or running. Due to the movement of the grit inside, the Axion-tTainer® won’t cause the injuries that using a dead weight would.


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